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Almost Canceled, an 8-episode scripted Television series, shot in a sit-com genre. This show champions conservative values while blasting woke ideology! Much like The Office and Always Sunny In Philadelphia we follow Ross’ rag tag television crew and get rare peek of ‘Duh Boss’ as he humorously posts passionate arguments against his liberal opponents and their anti-American rants. The result is hilarious, intelligent, anti-woke political satire… and because of his “in your face truth” Ross is threatened daily of being canceled by the Big Tech cancel culture police! Ross Duh Boss is a self-made influencer who came to fame when he decided to post video blogs sarcastically challenging the blaring contradictions in leftist rhetoric.

Set in the Think Tank studio (Ross' garage), Ross and his off-beat crew of conservative influencers cut against the grain of popular opinion while every media giant and left-wing pundit conspires to see them... CANCELED!

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Simone Alex
Executive Producer

Simone Alex is an actor, writer, and producer who has been working in film and television for 25 years. After starring in commercials, television series, feature and short films, music videos, corporate industrials, print ads for magazines, billboards and the web, she began executive producing various projects, including her own "Kimpton Travel Show". She writes and directs and has been a member of SAG and AFTRA member since 1994.

Simone is passionate conservative who wants to “Save America”. She has been working with Scott on various events over 2020-2021 and is ready to merge the MAGA and KAG movement with a successful television genre: reality television. Scott’s personality and persistence will inspire millions of Americans to go out and take their country back.

“The American Persistence” will be produced under Godwin Pictures.

Timothy Glover
Executive Producer, Creator

Heading Credits with FOX, CBS, Universal, History Channel, a member of the Producers Guild of America (PGA), Bachelor of Arts Degree in Film & Television Production and a Diploma in Music and Sound Production.  Born and raised in Melbourne Australia, Tim moved to London UK to start his career straight out of college. Tim landed on his feet in London winning a role working at Ridley Scott’s post house, The Mill, in visual effects where he worked on many prestigious television commercials over a four-year period. In 2002, Tim moved back to Australia and began producing unscripted shows and documentaries for broadcast television in the faith-based marketplace. Tim spent these years of his life honing his craft and building up a community of artist in Melbourne who were committed to developing entertaining content for the marketplace that upholds a biblical world-view. In 2015, Tim uprooted his family to follow the call to Hollywood where he began work on scripted television for 20th Century Fox Television. As a Post-Production Supervisor Tim worked on the 'Prison Break' series under creator Paul Scheuring, and the FOX comedy 'Making History' under Phil Lord, Christopher Miller, and Jared Hess. In 2018, Tim worked on his first multi-camera comedy at FOX called 'The Cool Kids' created by Charlie Day and Paul Fruchbom among other successful shows. Now with more than two decades of experience under his belt, Tim is focused on developing and producing content under the Godwin Pictures brand and has assembled a seasoned team of producers that aim to create content for the global culture to push back on the toxic Marxist ideologies perpetrated by Hollywood over  past decades.

Conservative artists in Hollywood

Godwin Pictures advocates for developing artisans to produce innovative content for the global marketplace. With strong entrepreneurship and business flare, we champion artists with a conservative Judeo-Christian world view to turn the tide on ideologies that have dominated the arts and entertainment landscape of our generation.

In the wake of “Hollywoke” studios NOT supporting any decidedly conservative programming, we are pushing back against the tide of evil leftist ideology because we embrace traditional American values!! Godwin Pictures, LLC defend all the loyal patriots whose voices are currently being silenced through cancel culture. As experienced Hollywood professionals we are fiercely resolute on getting Almost Canceled on the air but we can only do it with your prayer and financial support! 

If this show resonates with you, then please consider making a contribution by clicking the 'GIVE NOW' button.

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